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Housing Support for the Homeless


Charity Shop & Clothes Bank


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The Giving Hands Mission is a Christian charity based in Brierley Hill, Dudley, West Midlands (Registered Charity Number 1160134). We operate to demonstrate the unconditional love and compassion of Jesus Christ. The organisation is committed to improving the quality of life of people irrespective of religion, race, gender, age, sexual orientation etc. We provide food and clothing to families and individuals who are living in poverty within our reach. Those whose lives are a struggle due to the hardship that they face daily, having no one to help. Our hope is that we can provide a platform up on which they can step into a better and more comfortable way of living. We aim to give the less privileged hope and a future to look forward to.

The people we help are referred to us from agencies from across Dudley and environs. Like the social services, probation, hospitals, homeless teams, refuges, hostels, doctors, schools, health visitors etc.


We issue clothing vouchers to those who are in need of clothing. This entitles them to have free of charge up to 10 items of clothes/shoes. While the donated leftover items are sold at affordable prices. Having this charity shop enable us to raise funds that are fed straight back into the charity to keep our facilities and services running.



Volunteer Report

92% of our volunteers say the Project has helped to develop their confidence, motivation and / or self esteem

81% detailed new skills learnt whilst volunteering,

90% of unemployed volunteers feel that they will have a better chance of employment as result of being a volunteer

85% stated they had made new friends as a result of their volunteering.

During the last financial year,

78% were helped with providing clothing

43% were helped with the provision of toys

85% were helped with the provision of food

32% were helped with the provision of toiletries/cleaning products.

52% were unemployed

33% were employed

42% were homeless

16% were fleeing domestic violence

16% had a disability

3% held another reason where support from anywhere else was supplied.

The above calculations are recorded daily with details of provision provided.

In the last year alone, we have supported 676 people!



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The Giving Hands Mission

(Registered Charity Number: 1160134)